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BeautyMatter reported on Gwyneth Paltrow’s first Goop Conference in Los Angeles last June—conference being the operative word because In Goop Health LA was more of an extravagant gathering to harness the buying power of a hoard of devoted Goopies. A coven of 600 white affluent females with a taste for the eccentric gathered to cleanse their damaged energies with crystal therapy and hear high priestess Paltrow speak.

Accustomed to the eye-rolls and critics, an unfazed Paltrow kicked off her second Goop Summit on January 27 in NYC. Wealthy wellness aficionados shelled out big bucks to try the latest workouts, consume trendy IG-worthy foods such as turmeric chia pudding, and strap serial killer-esque LED masks on their faces for luxury skin treatments. In between snacking and spa trips, a medium even made a debut and conducted a live reading to communicate with the other side. 

Fast Company reports that while still as kooky and expensive as ever, this time around Goop was more organized and felt like a conference. A help desk and app to aid with navigation and scheduling were welcomed additions and attendees had no trouble getting into the treatment or panel they desired. The summit was—dare we say—more professional. Fast Company also notes that one of the key differences between the two Goop conferences was that the NY summit saw an older clientele than that of LA, which seemed to attract a millennial base. Additionally, New York had a more emotional slant than its predecessor, with a majority of speakers focusing on topics surrounding spirituality, inner peace, and the mind-body connection. 

Goop is easy to poke fun at, but no one can deny that Paltrow has brilliantly carved out a niche in the booming health and wellness industry. “I think we’re brave, and we’re unafraid to ask questions,” declared Paltrow. “We like to shine light on things and we do that with our insatiable sense of curiosity.” Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but Goop’s pseudoscientific core and fairy-tale health claims are dangerous, and at the end of the day do not forget that Goop is here to make money, not cure your ailments.

To read more about the 2018 NYC Goop Summit, go to Fast Company.

Photo: goop via Instagram

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