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Historically beauty brands have been built on a foundation of product that delivers or promises to deliver results, but it seems we may be a place in time where the efficacy of the product doesn’t seem to matter. If we think hard enough, it’s not terribly difficult to create a list of new brands that have achieved success without delivering the goods when it comes to product.

Good-enough products that photograph well and an end-to-end experience that consumers will share appears to be the new recipe for success. The new beauty brand is audience focused and feedback driven, with a founder that is more then just a face.

The new beauty brand paradigm according to AdWeek:

  • The way a product is going to be discovered, shared, talked about and bought is today more important than the product itself.
  • Distribution in the age of the internet doesn’t mean just a sales channel. It means every experience that will help the product spread.
  • Brands shift their focus from the products they sell to the people who wear them and what they do in their lives.
  • They are audience focused and feedback driven.
  • Don’t prescribe or dictate how customers should look and feel, empower customers to look and feel however they want.
  • Modern beauty brands own their media.

I may be old fashioned, but in my book delivering on products and packaging is a non-negotiable. While you certainly cannot argue with the success these new paradigm beauty brands are seeing, only time will tell if you can build a sustainable brand delivering mediocre products. That being said, there is plenty to learn from them when it comes to knowing the consumers, building communities, and executing end-to-end experiences.

Read the full article at AdWeek.

Photo: George Gvasalia via Unsplash

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