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NYC’s first mobile meditation studio is bringing some much-needed mindfulness to Manhattan’s bustling streets. BE TIME is all about emphasizing the importance of me time, and will have experienced instructors guiding in-person meditation classes at 30-minute intervals inside a groovy RV. The studio also offers open-space hours where urbanites are encouraged to pop in for independent practice, take deep breaths, and discover a slice of serenity.

But why in a bus, one might ask? Because the business premise is grounded in bringing meditation to the people. “You move, we move,” Carla Hammond—BE TIME CEO and founder—told Design Boom. And this isn’t just any old bus. BE TIME was designed by renowned architects Rolando Rodriguez Leal and Natalia Wrzask, who founded aidia studio and have worked with Zaha Hadid and Jean Nouvel’s Louvre in Abu Dhabi. Upon entering the bus, meditators will discover unique laser-cut wall panels, harmoniously integrated complex audio and lighting features, and self-care bonuses such as aromatherapy and light + chromo therapy for an elevated self-care experience. 

“It has been proven that meditating 10-20 minutes a day increases your productivity and creativity, reduces stress, anxiety, and risk of cardiovascular disease, improves insomnia and relationships with yourself and others, amongst other amazing benefits,” explained Carla. BeautyMatter is on board. 

Any city dwellers in need of a mind break should head over to BE TIME’s website to view their weekly schedule.

To read the full story about BE TIME, head to Design Boom.

Photo: JP Valery via Unsplash 

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