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Despite the glamour, beauty means more than superficial looks; it has a deep effect on the way we feel. Two men proving this are Brennan Jones and Ged King, who give free haircuts to homeless men and women on the streets of Philly and Manchester, UK, respectively. Brennan recently opened a new indoor salon providing 100% free haircuts to those in need, and Ged has created a team of specialists who work to improve the lives of those without homes.

Jones’ and King’s initiatives are not centered around helping homeless people to look their best, but rather to illuminate the inherent power of human touch and connection. Many homeless people go days without being acknowledged by others, and these barbers are showing them a little TLC that will go a long way.

Amazing Humans – helping the homeless

This barber reminds us how small actions can make a big difference.

Posted by BBC Three on Saturday, November 4, 2017


These men are proving that beauty is more than skin deep. How will you?

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Photo: Skullfades Barbershop via Instagram 

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