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When I was a kid, showering used to be my favorite part of the day. I’m not kidding when I say it was a meditative experience for me—washing the stress away, getting squeaky clean, just before slipping into my sheets and going to sleep. But now, I live in an apartment where there’s about half a centimeter’s distance between arctic cold and scorching hot. My showers are spent hopping between the two temperatures long enough to wash my hair. So when I heard of the new “smart” shower, by Livin Shower, you can bet I was intrigued. This is the future I had been waiting for.

Livin Shower, currently only available on Kickstarter, aims to create a “holistic shower experience,” and refuses to compromise the environment in the process. According to Springwise, the shower “warms up your shower and then pauses the shower stream once the water temperature reaches a pre-set target, so you can walk in and start your shower right away with just a press of a button.” The device calculates the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature, therefore minimizing water waste.

The installation process is the cherry on top: complication free, unlike other smart showers, with the ability to install it in minutes using basic home tools. It also comes with a mobile app that allows you to track your water usage and turn your shower on remotely.

A smart shower that helps you relax at the perfect temperature and aims to help save the environment? Count me in.

To learn more about Livin Shower, go to

Photo: David Cohen via Unsplash

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