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Founded in 2016 by two fragrance industry veterans and scent devotees—Lyn-Leigh and Mary Ellen Lapsansky—the Perfumed Plume Awards celebrate creative stories that provide readers with an inside view of the cultural, historical, scientific, and personal approaches to fragrance. And on the evening of Thursday, March 15, media, journalists, influencers, and scent entrepreneurs gathered at SoHo fragrance discovery destination Perfumarie to honor the 2018 Perfumed Plume writing finalists.  

With aromatic mango blossom cocktails in hand, attendees learned that the 2018 finalists are those who have managed to craft fragrance narratives that transport readers to faraway worlds and memories, each story transcending the pages and explaining the complex and mysterious nature of scent. Below are the names of the 16 finalists and the categories they submitted their pieces to: 

  1. “SCIENCE OF SCENT” STORIES IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA—criteria for judging: psychological benefits of fragrance usage; original, creative and unique style; and, written in a “consumer friendly” style
    • CaFleureBon
      “Scent and Healing: The Transformative Power of Perfume” by Ida Meister, Art Direction by Michelyn Camen
    • Racked
      “Here’s Why Perfume Description Are Never About Smell” by Elyse Hauser 
  2. VISUALIZATION OF SCENT STORIES —criteria for judging: design concept; how design relates to content
    • ELLE Magazine
      “Dream Catchers” by April Long
    • Scentury
      “ATUM EscENTIALS 2017: Rebel Scents” from Helder Suffenplan, Photography by Adam Goodison, Set Design by Pernilla Löfberg and Stephanie Webb
    • Scentury
      “SUMMER EscENTIALS 2017,” Photography by Per Zennström, Art Direction by Helder Suffenplan
  3. SCENT STORIES IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA—criteria for judging: quality of editorial content; originality & creativity; accuracy & depth of information
    • ELLE Magazine
      “This is Your Brain on Vetiver” by April Long
    • Preservation in Print
      “Heaven Scent” by Danielle del Sol
    • Racquet Magazine (Quarterly Tennis Publication)
      “Scent, Memory” by Rachel Syme
  4. DIGITAL MEDIA—criteria for judging: quality of editorial content; originality & creativity; accuracy & depth of information
    • Atlas Obscura
      “Ann Haviland, Forgotten Mastermind of the Signature Scent” by Jessica Murphy
    • Basenotes
      “Fragrance Spring Cleansing” by Marian Bendeth
    • CaFleureBon
      “Perfume Signatures: Edmond Roudnitska, The Greatest Perfumer of the 20th Century” by Michelyn Camen and Mark Behnke
    • Keap Matchbook Blog
      “Fragrance Transparency: Natural VS Synthetics” by Stephen Tracy and Christophe Laudamiel
    • Keap Matchbook Blog
      “Fragrance Transparency: The Incredible Artistry Behind the Creation of a Fragrance” by Stephen Tracy + Christophe Laudamiel
    • Mindmarrow
      “Copyright and the Five Senses | How to See Smell as an Artistic Expression” by Catherine Haley Epstein
    • Perfume in Progress
      “The Fragrance Creation Process: From Inspiration To Release” by Laurie Erickson
    • The Fragrant Journey
      “Travels In India: Part Three” by Cynthia Lesiuk

The process of taking pen to paper to describe how, why, and where aromas carry one’s mind is a gift, and by honoring literary talent, Perfumed Plume Awards is creating a broader awareness and appreciation for the inherent intricacies of fragrance. Winners will be announced on April 11—stay tuned!

Photo: via Perfumarie 

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