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By 2020, the North American marijuana market is expected to hit $23 billion; by 2026, it’s forecast to reach $50 billion. Clorox isn’t missing a beat, announcing that its Clorox Odor Defense portfolio of products is now scientifically proven to eliminate marijuana odors using proprietary technology to identify, capture, and eliminate, not just mask, odor-causing molecules.

“Of all the senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories, so because of this smell can have an immediate, lasting impact on public perception that can affect a business’ reputation and bottom-line,” said Jennifer Gordon, R&D scientist at Clorox Professional. “In creating Clorox Odor Defense we specifically tested against pungent, hard to remove malodors like marijuana smoke and garbage to ensure it can eliminate these tough, real-world odor challenges cleaning professionals face.”

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