In 2017, we saw tremendous leaps for gender equality. The #metoo movement sparked discussions of sexual harassment, the first annual Women’s March made history as the “largest Facebook event for a single cause in 2017,” Iceland demanded equal pay, women in Saudi Arabia began to drive, Australia legalized same-sex marriage, and so much more. Across the world, women gained access and privileges that had previously been withheld from them. On countless occasions, I found myself moved to tears as women proved again and again that they can do anything.

While these movements and recognition are rewards resulting from centuries of hard work, it is also a sign that we need to continue pushing forward. Now more than ever, we must use this attention and momentum to continue the fight for gender equality, and that’s where the Global Wellness Institute comes in.

Global Wellness Institute (GWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing insight and research for the wellness of individuals worldwide. Using their four foundational pillars of research, industry initiatives, roundtable discussions, and, GWI acts as a resource of information regarding all things wellness related.

GWI’s Women in Leadership Initiative is designed to encourage and promote gender equality, ensuring that female leaders of all ages are backed by support and motivation. The initiative encourages the involvement of Lean In, a non-profit organization that facilitates small meetings called “circles.”

Recognizing that most women face challenges in the workplace while simultaneously taking on more home responsibilities than their male counterparts, Lean In aims to empower women to achieve their goals. Circles consist of 8-15 women who meet around once a month. Lean In provides meeting plans, discussion points, and content geared towards motivation and support. Today, women in over 150 countries have joined the Lean In community.

Although we must continue fighting for gender equality, it is initiatives like Lean In and Women in Leadership that assure me the finish line is coming. Let us continue to support our fellow women.

Photo: Vlad Tchompalov via Unsplash