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Beauty app company Perfect365 surveyed 1,200 women globally in a new study to determine the drivers for the purchase of lipstick. The survey showed consumers trust “real” people when it comes to recommendations for beauty products, specifically lipstick. 

  • 22% of women surveyed spend $6-$10 on lipstick compared to 21% that spend under $5 and 7% that spend over $30.
  • 32% would spend more on a lipstick if a friend recommended it, while 19% would be influenced seeing it on social media or a beauty influencer, 19% would spend more because of ingredients, only 8% would spend more if they saw the lipstick on a celebrity.
  • 26% say they are inspired in-store when looking for seasonal colors compared to 16% by a magazine or online ad, 15% by social media, 14% rely on beauty counter artist, and only 5% are inspired by celebrities.

Download the full survey.

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