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Indie beauty brand VERTERE Skincare was founded by self-proclaimed beauty industry outsider Bethany Hilt 8 years ago. Her quest for high-performing luxury skincare that didn’t require layer after layer of hard-to-pronounce ingredients ended in the “outsider” creating her very own skincare line. A plot twist indeed.

Backed by only childhood experiences of making skincare products in her grandmother’s kitchen, Hilt’s laser focus on eliminating multiple products worked. The result? VERTERE: the first and only skincare line crafted to simultaneously improve skin’s appearance of aging, hyperpigmentation, and adult acne with one regimen for all skin tones and types, and all genders.

But what really makes VERTERE stand out to BeautyMatter is the brand’s use of an Advisory Board: an ever-growing panel of respected beauty industry veterans that support VERTERE. The newest person to join the committee is Dr. Robb Akridge, co-founder of Clarisonic and founder and CEO of REA innovations. Curious to know more about what inspired the establishment of an Advisory Board and how she garners A-list advocates, we reached out:

What role did building an Advisory Board play in your brand strategy?

I grew up making skincare products with my grandmother rather than developing products within a large corporation—I’m a beauty industry outsider. Creating an Advisory Board was important to help leverage the industry knowledge of others that could help VERTERE grow.

And how did Dr. Robb Akridge get involved?

Dr. Robb and I met at a trade show in 2016. I introduced him to VERTERE, enthusiastically sharing our brand story and products. He was impressed with both and believed in VERTERE’s potential. A little over a year later, he’s now a Board member. Dr. Robb has long been a personal hero to me, and I couldn’t be more excited that he’s part of our Advisory Board!

The creation of an Advisory Board is a smart move in the era of skintellectuals. Having well-known beauty industry experts publicly support your brand no doubt elevates its credibility.

Photo: vertere_skin_care via Instagram 

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