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Tired of confined-to-140-character Twitter posts, perfectly curated (and filtered) Instagram grids, and saturated Facebook feeds, millennials and GenZers are saying sayonara to SM platforms. Curious to understand why numerous digital natives are fleeing social spaces, i-D did some research. Highlighted below are motives for the sudden disconnection:

  • As social media lives have flourished, so too has the potential for unhealthy stalking, distracting overengagement, FOMO, jealousy attacks, and the threat of too much outside noise.
  • Elaborating on the first bullet point, i-D shares Reddit user DividedBy_Zero’s rationale: “The front page [of Facebook] was loaded with pics of engagement rings, newborn babies, exotic travels, nights out and marathons ran. Then without thinking about it, you start comparing your life to theirs; you begin wondering where you went wrong while everyone else is living their dreams.”
  • SM’s (creepy) ability to manipulate reality.
  • For GenZ, a big reason is an increased desire for privacy in an era of overexposure. 
  • To declutter their minds and seek out meaningful and authentic IRL connections.

It’s about time the “pics or it didn’t happen” period ended.

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