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What retail apocalypse? Business is booming for clean-beauty retailer Follain. The brand’s focus on the direct-to-consumer piece of their business helped inform the geographic locations for the brick-and-mortar expansion. The intention is to open ten new stores by the end of 2019. Locations in Seattle, WA, and Bethesda, MD, are slated for this summer, and a third location in Dallas, TX, is planned for fall. 

“Customers that shop both in store and online are true evangelists not only of Follain, but of clean beauty, and they spend the most money, too. It was time to get back to supporting those customers,” says Tara Foley, founder and CEO of Follain, said to BeautyIndependent. “There are lots of things you will never be able to do online that you can do in the store. For instance, you can wash your face with the products and really experience the ingredients in the store. We are excited to get back to that.”

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