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Dezeen reports that a team of US scientists from Northwestern University have created a hair dye that contains the nontoxic hair-protecting material graphene. One of the strongest substances known to science, graphene colors hair without causing breakage or frizz to luscious locks.

Jiaxing Huang, one of the researchers on the project, shares with Dezeen that “Current permanent hair dyes generate color by doing a set of chemical reactions, right on top of your head.” If not executed properly, these chemicals can cause skin irritation, but with graphene-based dyes, salon-goers can kiss irritation goodbye.

Applied in the form of a spray before being brushed through and dried off, the graphene coats each hair and gradually changes color without the need for heat, explains Dezeen. Lighter and darker shades can be created by applying less or more of the product. The scientists claim that graphene solution lasts as long as salon-standard dyes and remains vibrant for up to 30 washes. In addition, the antistatic and antibacterial properties of graphene help prevent flyaway strands and keep hair cleaner for longer.

To read more about the miracle material changing the hair-coloring game, head to Dezeen.

Photo: Sam Manns via Unsplash

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