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Ulta was Mally Beauty’s first brick-and-mortar partner, and will have the exclusive distribution on the limited-edition Mallywood range. Channeling superstar energy, long-lasting formulations, and packaging that jumps off the shelf, the Mallywood range is truly an expression of founder Mally Roncal.

How would you describe the core DNA of the Mally brand? My parents taught me growing up to treat everyone like a star—whether CEO or college intern. When you put positive energy, love, and light out into the world, it is returned to you. That’s how I live my life and that is the core of what the Mally Beauty brand is all about. Treat everyone like a superstar!

Why was Ulta the perfect retail partner for the Mallywood launch? Ulta Beauty is a major beauty retailer and was my first partner at brick & mortar. They have been incredibly supportive and I feel blessed to have this long, successful relationship with them. We wanted to bring the Mally experience to the Ulta guest at store level with a fun collection that really jumps off the shelves and packaging that reflects my personality. Ulta understood that vision right away!

Through the Ulta Beauty Master Classes I have been blessed to meet and educate small groups at a time. It made me realize just how savvy the Ulta guest is! We wanted to expand on that and bring those makeup artists tips and tricks to an even wider audience and this collection of user-friendly products that help you get that A-list, Hollywood glam at home.

How does the Mallywood collection speak to the Ulta consumer? The packaging is fun and glam but more importantly the products feature quality, long-lasting formulas. Ulta consumers are looking for a fun experience when shopping but they are also savvy shoppers! Like all my user-friendly products, Mallywood incorporates the tips and tricks I have learned from my years as a celebrity makeup artist to take the guesswork out of the glam process for you. Whether a beginner or total makeup maven, this collection will have you looking like a Mallywood star!

What was your inspiration for Mallywood? Mallywood is inspired by the glitz and glam of Hollywood and my life as a celebrity makeup artist. The products give Mallynistas the knowhow to achieve Hollywood glam at home. In Mallywood, you don’t need to be an A-list star to achieve gorgeous glam! Everyone is a star. I sat down with my team and we dreamt up ways to make this collection a reflection of my personality. We wanted it to be fun, sassy, loud, glam, and glitzy. I cannot wait to see the response to this collection in-store and on social media. It really stands out on shelves and in Instagram newsfeeds.

What were some of your creative non-negotiables in the creative process? Staying true to the Mally mission, we want all of our celebrity-tested, high-performance products to be user friendly and deliver all-day fierce beauty! Though my products are used by a lot of my peers in the industry, I always create them with real women in mind. We are busy ladies and don’t always have the time to touch up midday. These are the same formulas I use on my celebrity clients who are giving it their all onstage or working it under hot studio lights for a photoshoot—they have to be long-lasting!”

How did you arrive at the product assortment for this exclusive capsule collection for Ulta? We absolutely needed a standout palette that was worthy of bearing the Mallywood name, and I think we nailed it!

  • The “Wazza Wassup! Highlighting Trio” creates an ombre, gradual highlight for a flawlessly natural look—no more streaks.
  • The “Mallywood Highlighting Blush” delivers a buildable flush of color with iridescent shimmer that’s just divine.
  • The Matte Eyeshadow Palette and Shadow Stick Velvets have a beautiful color palette for matte looks.
  • The two mascaras serve two very different functions: “Lash Yassss!!!” gives you dramatic, drag queen-esque, and out-to-THERE lashes. “Smoky Mama!” creates a sultry, smoky look with an idea I once had on a Hollywood set. I used to clip the bristles off a mascara wand to get that slept-in, smoky look, so we based the brush off that design.
  • The “Intense Color Lip Glosses” give serious color payoff and are super moisturizing.
  • Circle of Light Face Brightener is one of my favorite products of the moment. I used to create a custom mix of concealers, foundations, and highlighters for my clients to create a “circle of light” by highlighting key areas of the face. It brightens your complexion entirely and now we have this matte face brightener to give you the glow in one step.

What was the driving force behind the packaging design? The Mallywood packaging really encapsulates my personality and I am beyond excited to share it with my fans. Sassy! Fun! Glitz and glam! Most importantly, easy to spot! When working with celebrities you often need to work quickly. In a sea of black compacts and mascara tubes, these will be easy to spot. The same goes for a busy mom rushing to get the kids out the door and her mascara on!

Can you share the next collaboration you have in the works? I’m beyond excited about our upcoming collaboration with the one and only, RuPaul! We have never done a celebrity collaboration before, which makes this especially monumental. I respect, adore, and worship RuPaul personally and professionally. Ru has always stayed true to who he is and unapologetically puts himself out there. He exemplifies self-acceptance and has inspired and taught millions of people to love themselves. This seamlessly blends with Mally Beauty’s mantra: What makes you different makes you beautiful! I feel blessed to have the honor of working with RuPaul and have him connected to my brand. ** From brand: The collection will launch in February 2019. Specific distribution is still being finalized.

Photo credit: Mally via Instagram

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