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“Organic” and “natural” have become buzzwords in just about every industry, including beauty. As the naturals market expands further, we continue to see more and more trends popping up under this umbrella. That’s where biodynamics comes in, which, according to WellandGood, is “the next phase in farm-to-face beauty.” A very particular and demanding way of farming, it is designed to yield higher-quality ingredients while protecting the environment.

With biodynamic beauty on the rise, here’s what you need to know:

Emphasis on Conservation

Biodynamic farmers believe that their farm is a self-contained living organism, and therefore go the extra mile to keep the land as indigenous as possible. “Many people look at that as woo-woo and spiritual, but it’s scientifically shown to increase microbial activity in the soil,” Elizabeth Candelario, managing director of Demeter Association, Inc., tells WellandGood.

Further than Organic

Biodynamic goes a step further than organic products, abiding by high processing standards and ensuring that “ingredients are conscientiously sourced and concocted [and] labeling is completely transparent.”

Better for You

Eminence Organics, which produces a biodynamic skincare collection, claims that using these products is better for you and your skin. “Because of the harmonious way that biodynamic crops are grown with the land, they have been found to contain up to 13% more potassium, 20% more sodium, 34% more iron and 47% more Vitamin C than conventional produce,” Boldijarre Koronczay, Eminence Organics president, tells WellandGood.

For the full story, go to WellandGood.

Photo: Xavi Moll via Unsplash

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