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The Detox Market is a company that believes in the power of eco-friendly, toxin-free, and pure beauty products. Founded in 2010 by French entrepreneur Romain Gaillard and his business partner Valérie Grandury, the brand intended to be a one-time pop-up shop in Abbot Kinney that sought to deliver hard-to-find, carefully screened green products to the public. Valerie’s battle with breast cancer made this pop-up endeavor a personal one.  

But their one-time-only event was too much of a success, and The Detox Market now has several retail locations and a website that continues to support the ever-growing shift in the industry toward green beauty.

Experience Life sat down with Romain Gaillard to pick his brain about the future of green beauty. Below are some key takeaways:

  • The goal of The Detox Market was to provide non-biased opinions on brands, and to help clients navigate the complicated world of green beauty. From extensive research came the idea of the 2010 pop-up shop, which focused on educating consumers about the toxins lurking in personal care products and to offer them alternatives. The Detox Market is a bridge between Gaillard’s chic Parisian background and his parents’ 1970s’ green San Francisco, California, lifestyle.
  • The transition from one’s current product lineup toward a greener one doesn’t need to happen overnight. “Some people throw out everything and start fresh, but it’s ok to just switch things out as you finish them up,” shared Gaillard.
  • “The green-beauty movement is following what happened in food 15 or 20 years ago. Right now, it is still very niche, but three things are happening at the same time: consumers are becoming more aware of toxicity in personal care, brands are developing amazing formulations, and social media is creating this direct connection between curators and consumers,” stated Gaillard. He believes that everyone will use green beauty products eventually—perhaps not exclusively, but partially.

To read the full interview, go to Experience Life.

Photo: Johnny McClung via Unsplash

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