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Small makeup brands have seen huge successes after partnering with major beauty retailer Sephora. Using their lucrative platform and customer base, brands are able to drastically increase sales and awareness. Furthermore, Sephora tends to generously feature young brands on their website and social media, as well as offering their samples during online purchasing. According to Glossy, “For newcomers to the beauty industry, hitting it big with Sephora has become the barrier-to-entry for overall success.” Read below for brands that have skyrocketed after partnering with Sephora:


Originally launching exclusively at Sephora, MILK is now stocked in 279 stores across the US and select Urban Outfitters. “Sephora is the leader in the industry—it’s a no-brainer to be front and center with a retailer like them,” said MILK chief marketing officer Nicole Frusci.


Created by celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, haircare line Ouai is no stranger to star status. However, since its Sephora launch in 2016, it is now sold in 1,000 of Sephora’s US doors, and is currently expanding internationally.


When Annie Lawless, founder of  Suja Juice, launched clean lipstick line Lawless on Sephora’s website, it sold out within one hour. “Although [Annie] Lawless is an influencer in her own right (with 181,000 followers on Instagram), her brands’ presence in the central ‘New Arrivals’ gallery on the site’s front page (unpaid, she said) likely contributed to its success.”

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