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In mainstream Chinese society, beauty standards have remained resolute for some time now. To be considered beautiful, one must possess certain characteristics (sound familiar, Americans?). These characteristics include pale skin, red “phoenix” eye makeup, high cheekbones, and a heart-shaped face.

The constant pressure to meet these requirements has led many young people to turn to plastic surgery. In fact, 14 million Chinese people received plastic surgery in 2017 alone, according to ChinaMoneyNetwork. China’s plastic surgery market is currently growing six times faster than the global average.

However, if the younger generation has anything to say about it, these rigid beauty standards won’t last long. Gaojilian, a new trend translated as “noble face,” is quickly gaining traction amongst millennials. The idea of noble face demonstrates a desire “to understand beauty in a more diverse, inclusive way, defined by attitude rather than sheer physical attributes,” according to JingDaily.

The demand for a more diverse range of beauty is met with rising stars in Chinese pop culture who don’t possess the traditional characteristics of beauty. Sun Fei Fei, who was recently appointed as the face for Estée Lauder, has wide-set eyes and a prominent mouth, but has gained popularity because “her cool allure and fierce gaze make her compelling and beautiful for many.”

For the full story, head to JingDaily.

Photo: Diem Nhi Nguyen via Unsplash

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