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I have a confession to make. I am a writer, hiker, and dog-loving, sun-bathing San Franciscan. I love poetry, music, and art. But I also answer to another label: wellness junkie. Skincare addict. Trend-following fanatic. And I’m not the only one: the wellness industry is worth about $3.7 trillion globally and continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Unsurprisingly, this expansion may be due to the current climate of our society: “We’re living in an age of anxiety, with political and economic uncertainties around the world driving anxious consumers to find ways to escape and de-stress from their everyday hectic and demanding lifestyles,” WGSN beauty editor and trend expert Theresa Yee tells Fashionista. I don’t disagree—with gun control debates, immigration reformation, the recanting of women’s productive rights, the list of anxiety-inducing societal issues goes on, and wellness continues to rise.

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