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An ever-expanding industry, beauty is constantly being reborn again (I mean really, who could have predicted 2018 would bring trends like the halo brow?). Wellness—one of the fastest-growing sectors of the beauty market—grew by 24% last year in the UK alone. A recent Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report by The Soil Association has defined 3 trends shaping the wellness industry. Read below for the key points of the study:

1. Conscious Consumers: As users begin to question brand values and product ingredients, conscious consumerism pressures companies to become more transparent. This is shown by the rise in the clean-beauty movement and the high number of natural options in skincare and cosmetics, forcing older brands to reevaluate their products in order to stay relevant.

2. Branding Gets Serious: Skincare distances itself from vanity and approaches beauty as a holistic lifestyle. Because of this, we see beauty brands shifting their product formulation to emphasize natural ingredients. This also means new marketing strategies, which abandons overused phrases such as “anti-aging” and “flawless.”

3. Well-being Grows: As industries across the board recognize the importance of well-being, beauty responds with new wellness marketing services. For example, beauty brand Bamford has begun offering personal mindfulness consultations. It is predicted that “this strategy will be adopted further, as the organic beauty and wellbeing market expands beyond the urban bubbles across the rest of the UK.”

As beauty progresses, these trends will drive change throughout the industry. “Cosmetics companies have recognised the change in consumer mindset and, as a result, their focuses have shifted,” the report notes.

For the full story, head over to Well To Do Global.

Photo: Icons8 team via Unsplash

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