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As of March 2018, Pinterest had over 200 million monthly users. The visual-based social media platform that creates digital bulletin boards has the unique opportunity to have a direct line of communication with its users by tracking trends, searches, and post stats.

Pinterest has recently begun using this information to its advantage by turning trend insights into brand consultations for brick-and-mortar retail. For example, if a photo that featured a brand’s handbag and t-shirt did exceptionally well, Pinterest would recommend that the brand place those things together in a store. This endeavor is Pinterest’s first step into the offline world.

Pinterest also recommends the best time to stock products. Home Depot rolled out their Halloween products three weeks earlier than usual after Pinterest noticed a spike in DIY Halloween decoration searches around late August.

“I would say this trend analysis insight, which informs how they merchandise, that we give to our top partners is something we do pretty consistently. Everyone wants to tap into the latest trends and the latest styles, ” Jon Kaplan, Pinterest head of sales, tells The Drum.

For the full story, head over to The Drum.

Photo: @Pinterest via Instagram

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