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In a world where the very definition of luxury is a constantly moving target, how does one brand an entire city that way? This was the task faced by Richard Christiansen and his company, Chandelier Creative, when they were hired to brand Macau’s City of Dreams, a three-hotel gambling complex, as a luxurious destination for the Chinese elite.

The City of Dreams was built to attract high rollers who desire to partake in high-stakes gambling. Currently, 28 of the 30 million people who visit Macau each year are from China. Christiansen began to research the Chinese elite. The resulting conclusion? They’d have to rethink their entire idea of luxury. For quite a while, the luxury consumer has been marketed to based on their love of expensive labels. While that may still be true to some, the consumer base is shifting. “I think what you’re finding now is that the taste level has evolved radically and dramatically in the last five years. You see it in the way they’re buying fashion, and creating their own brands. Gone are the days we can speak of Chinese consumers as gaudy. The over-the-top aesthetic is a very old and outdated way of thinking about them,” Christiansen tells Fast Company.

So, Christiansen set out to create a new identity for the city. What came about was a fresh, mixed-media campaign employing Chinese celebrities photographed by renowned fashion photographer Nick Knight, in “reimagined moments of victory, inspired by the history of art,” according to Fast Company. The campaign, titled “The Art of Winning,” was born out of the importance of winning in the gambling world. Christiansen says the entire idea was designed to provoke “energy.”

Each of the three hotels in the City of Dreams will have an identity of its own. Aside from the gambling allure, the City of Dreams will offer an array of luxurious shopping and culinary options.

For the full story, head over to Fast Company.

Photo: @cityofdreamsmacau via Instagram

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