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According to the NPD Group, the natural beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing categories in the beauty realm, outpacing others in makeup, skincare, and fragrance. However, this sector of the industry has a big problem: contamination. According to Glossy, “The expanding pool of natural beauty companies is facing problems many never bargained for, including ingredient contamination and environmental factors prohibiting a consistent flow of resources.” Read below for the steps natural beauty companies are taking to ensure pure ingredients:

Personal Relationships

“The use of personal relationships to ensure quality as well as continued access to ingredients is something that natural beauty product makers increasingly rely on. Visiting the locations where ingredients are grown and meeting the people harvesting them allows companies to get a better sense of what lab tests cannot determine.”

Stockpiling Ingredients

“In order to maintain consistent supply, Santa Monica, California-based African Botanics relies on a combination of stockpiling ingredients and maintaining ongoing relationships with those that harvest marula fruit for oil, especially in case of issues like drought.”

Close Proximity

“By being close to the source of ingredients, companies can maintain better control, according to CB Insights analyst Anagha Hanumante. They can also use the proximity to accelerate the production of existing and newer products.”

For the full scoop, check out Glossy.

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