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Connecting social content to commerce or closing the loop on ROI for social have been a thorn in marketers’ sides. While it feels like Instagram launches a new feature or update nonstop, paying attention to these changes can have an impact to the bottom line. According to Gartner L2’s Social Platforms & Influencers: Commerce insight report, brands are seeing success converting social content to sales. See the numbers below:

  • 67% of social media users purchased directly from posts at least once in the past year.
  • 65% of brands tracked in the study have adopted at least one commerce feature on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Instagram’s most effective feature is swiping up to link to different landing pages.
  • 79% of analyzed brands consistently use the swipe-up function.
  • From June to July 2018, 18% of stories posted by brands incorporated the swipe-up feature, with the majority of these posts linking to commerce—77% to the brand site and 4% to an e-tailer.
  • 37% of brands linking stories to their sites send customers to guided selling features.

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