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According to a 2018 report, Gen Z consumers spend more on beauty products than fashion apparel. This, combined with their preference for a meaningful and personalized consumer experience, has brands adopting a new approach to beauty.

Meet Blume—a subscription-based service that specializes in self-care menstrual products for teens. A Blume box can include anything from sustainable tampons and pads to skincare products targeting PMS breakouts. Taran Ghatrora, co-founder of Blume, tells JWT Intelligence that products are “geared and targeted towards Gen Zers at this pivotal time in their life where they don’t have products created specifically for them.”

On a mission to empower young girls as they enter into puberty, Blume recently conducted a survey to better understand this ever-changing generation. Here’s what they found out:

  • 63% of young girls felt embarrassed after getting their period
  • 57% reported feeling scared
  • 60% of women cite puberty as being the moment when they felt their self-esteem drop
  • 79% of girls use the same products as their mother

The last statistic was particularly shocking, considering that this doesn’t ring true in any other aspect of a woman’s life. Women don’t usually use the same makeup, haircare, or skincare products as their mother, so why use the same menstrual products? This could be due to lack of knowledge or discussion surrounding menstrual products. In an effort to break this stigma, Blume offers a platform that educates young women about periods. The site includes a first-period guide (Know Your Flow) and a period glossary, as well as articles written by contributors.

For the full story, head over to JWT Intelligence.

Photo: @meetblume via Instagram

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