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For both brands and consumers, Nordstrom’s annual Anniversary Sale is a key date on the retail calendar. Planning the Anniversary Sale offering is a cross-functional effort between product development, marketing, and sales teams working together to curate the perfect offering. Beginning in the 1960s, the sale was light years ahead of its time—it allowed Nordstrom to foster a unique, loyal relationship with its consumers.

AdWeek reports that the sale has recently become the “Super Bowl for the fashion world.” Much of this is thanks to the influencer marketing craze. It’s rare for a fashion influencer to choose not to participate in the sale, mainly because of the revenue they receive through it. If a consumer clicks through their link to purchase something, the blogger gets a cut of the sale. “Once bloggers began to realize just how well the sale would convert for them, many became more proactive about teaching their followers and readers about the sale, helping to grow its overall popularity.”

This year, Nordstrom’s website crashed during early access, highlighting the potential the sale has for brands and influencers alike.

For the full story, head over to AdWeek.

Photo: @nordstrom via Instagram 

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