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Social media is responsible for shifting the brand paradigm, putting the power in the hands of consumers, and Instagram has become the vehicle for redefining beauty perceptions.

On one end of the spectrum the plethora of filter and editing apps perpetuate the elusive ideal of perfection. However, on the other side we are seeing a diverse view of beauty through the eyes of inclusion and optimization rather then the monotonous scroll of poreless, flawless images. Instagram is creating a future where younger generations will see beauty in all forms, in all kinds of places, not just the airbrushed pages of magazines for narrow fashion runways.

Meet some of those voices:

Louisa Northcote, Activist and #freethepimple Founder

Halima Aden, Model

Munroe Bergdorf, Trans Rights Activist

Ali Tate, Model

Paloma Elsesser, Model

Wilson Oryema, Artist

Jazzelle Zanaughtti, Model

Chloe Sheppard, Photographer

Ashley Armitage, Photographer

Bea Sweet, Makeup Artist

Sophia Hadjipanteli, Model

@ravvebeauty, Curators

Fecal Matter, Artists

Molly Constable, Model

Read the full piece on i-D Vice.

Photo: Louisa Northecote via Instagram

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