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The beauty ideal in South Korea comes with a V-shaped face, a slender body, double eyelids, and pale porcelain skin. Obtaining this view of beauty ranks South Korea as the country with the highest per capita plastic surgery procedures in the world, with a beauty industry estimated at just over US$13 billion in 2017.

In a country where beauty does not come in all shapes and sizes and it is customary to apply a full face of makeup before leaving the house, there is a beauty resistance movement afoot. Women are raising their voices against the societal pressure that comes with this strict view of beauty that has become the norm in South Korea.

Women have joined forces to protest impossible beauty standards in South Korea, calling themselves “beauty resisters,” in the Escape the Corset movement. They are taking to social media with videos of themselves removing makeup, smashing cosmetics, or shaving their heads in protest. 

Professor Yoon Kim Ji-young of Konkuk University in Seoul says that “the movement is about asking why Korean women are made to look pretty according to a single standard. People should realize that an image of a certain type of woman has been forced upon us.”

Read more in the South China Morning Post.

Photo: Photograph by Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images

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