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In the age of digital, technology companies are under constant pressure to innovate the market and offer the best products. Furthermore, according to studies, consumers have a significant distrust in Big Tech regarding their personal data and usage. Because of this, the new trend in tech industry is an attempt to blend seamlessly into our everyday lives by presenting themselves with new a nonthreatening cozy home deco design. In the past, we saw a preference towards the cool, sleek approach. Now, big tech is embracing the handmade feel.

More than digital: Google is striving to provide consumers with more than just digital. “We try to create products that have a sensory experience and we’re all craving that right now, to ignite our senses,” VP of hardware design Ivy Ross said to Dezeen at Milan’s 2018 Salone del Mobile design week. This mission ignited Google’s blending of tech with other lifestyle sectors, such as its collaboration with Levi’s denim.

Hand-drawn logos: Tech brands are using hand-drawn logos and signatures as a way to connect with their consumers, from chatbot financial assistant Anna’s hand-drawn logo to the crooked “e” on Google’s home page.

Curvy Figures: When it comes to products, brands are choosing curvier forms, as opposed to the hard-edged look that used to reign supreme. Both Google Home and Google Pixel Buds are pebble shaped and covered with textile fabric.

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Photo: Bence Boros via Unsplash

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