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Until recently, Chinese luxury consumers only bought perfume and fragrance because of the brand names. It was the status of the brand, not the scent, that drove the purchase. However, younger consumers are obsessed with home fragrance, looking at the choice of fragrance as a part of their holistic luxury lifestyles.

“Home fragrance is booming in China for three reasons,” Chinese millennial Grasse Institute of Perfumery student, Wanqiu Chen told Jing Daily. “First, the Chinese have burnt incense ever since the Han Dynasty. Second, there are more home fragrance choices than ever before. And lastly, the marketing strategies for perfume and fragrances has been very strong lately, with a lots of celebrities and KOLs sharing their decor and candle purchases on Chinese social media.”

Concept retailer The Beast Shop in Shanghai has capitalized on the changing taste of Chinese consumers by adding luxury fragrance brands such as Volupsa, Cire Trudon, Carrières Frères, Fornassetti Profum, and Culti to their assortment of furniture, home decoration, and lifestyle objects.

The market there remains small, though sales are rising exponentially. Nobody knows the exact growth rate, but Patrick de Lambilly, vice president for Asia for Coty, told the New York Times that the market remains small but sales are rising exponentially in the neighborhood of 20, 30, and 40 percent a year.

Read the full story in Jing Daily.

Photos: Arnold Leung via Unsplash

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