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A study by Adestra named email as the “killer app that marketers have been searching for.” Though email marketing is a 40-year-old strategy, 73 percent of millennials still prefer getting emails over any other communication. Considering millennials have the most buying power of any generation, this is great news for marketers.

When it comes to brands, millennials give their loyalty (and their money) to ones they can connect with. By using email marketing, brands can create a direct, personal line to their consumer. However, brands should be careful—there are ways email marketing could be detrimental to your brand. “Emailing people who didn’t confirm to receive emails from you or your brand will very possibly get your email marked as junk, and that will hurt your inbox rate.”

Brands should also also be aware of the level of security their emails provide. David W. Schropfer, CEO of cybersecurity company AnchorID, advises brands to not put a direct reply link in their email. “If you want to create a reply channel, include a link to a ‘Contact-Us’ page on your website, and post a contact form with a Catcha (or similar product) to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by bots,” Schropfer tells Inc.

For the full story, head over to Inc.

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