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While the teeth-whitening category is a multibillion dollar industry, a new beauty disrupter is betting that colored teeth are the next trend to take Instagram by storm. Chrom, a new brand of tooth polish that looks and acts more like nail polish than oral care, puts unnatural pigments on your teeth.

Currently the product comes in 10 colors: Pretty in Pink, Baby Blue, Mint, Gold Dust, Candy Floss, Fairy Dust, 24 Karat, Sunshine, Silver, and Penny. The packaging looks like a lip gloss and it’s priced  from $18 to $22.  Glitter and chrome options are on the way.

The tooth polish is easy to apply and formulated to last for up to 24 hours, standing up to eating and drinking. To remove, simply brush with toothpaste.

It’s “just like nail polish,” the brand’s website says, although Chrom’s founder, David Silverstein, tells the New York Post that unlike nail polish, it’s safe to put in your mouth and was developed by dentists.

While the brand says the product is perfectly safe, there is no ingredient information on the website. Silverstein declined to tell the New York Post what is in the product for proprietary reasons, but said the product’s solvent is made from a grain alcohol base and that the pigments, similar to food coloring, are compliant with the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.

Photo: via Chrom

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