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Print is not dead—in fact small brands are taking their content offline and going old school, creating print magazines. Away has created Here Magazine that it includes with each luggage sale. Dollar Shave Club created Mel Magazinewhich it includes with all monthly subscriptions. Casper started Woolly Magazine in partnership with McSweeney’s, and Airbnb has Airbnb Magazine. With the cost of online consumer acquisition steadily increasing, there’s a trend among DTC businesses adding branded print into their media mix.

“Today, the quickest way to establish your brand is often by sharing content, by producing stand-alone content in the form of blog posts and images that are curated to showcase your brand, so it appeals to the consumers you’re targeting,” Adam Alter, associate professor of marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business, told AdWeek. A successful brand magazine, he said, could bring in advertising dollars and attract new subscribers to mailing lists. Once a company has that email, it could be used for promotional purposes and notifications about new product launches.

These brands know their consumers in a unique way that is also potentially very appealing to advertisers and partners, which is a potential upside in offsetting production cost. Print has a particular appeal that is not easily replicated online.

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