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“All over the world, teams of scientists, medical researchers and technologists are working to make ultra-long lifespans an everyday reality. The first person who will live to 150 has probably already been born—and revolutionary combinations of digital technology and gene therapy could make living forever a realistic possibility before 2050,” writes Unlimited.

With the promise of endless life in sight and Harvard studies proving that a sense of togetherness keeps people healthy as they age, it will be critical for humanity to rethink how to effectively build meaningful relationships for a life that may never end.

Below are three ways Unlimited thinks this will be achieved:

The rise of the disposable marriage

Biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher believes that although humans will always pair off to raise children, the idea of marriages forever is unrealistic for most people, and will be even more so for future generations. “When we live to 150, marriage, long-term commitment and having children will be something that no-one under 50 even thinks about. The first 50 years of our lives will be a prolonged and hedonistic adolescence in a world of short-term jobs and relationships,” shares Unlimited.

’Til death us do part will be replaced by ’til time us do part.

Additionally, the idea of raising one family will be replaced by multiple overlapping family units or decades of child-free leisure. “If people live so long and reproductive health is extended, we’ll continue to make pair-bonds and continue to reproduce, resulting in multiple partners with whom we have multiple sets of offspring,” says Fisher.  

My virtual long-distance lover

In a future of indefinite living and no rush to settle down combined with advances in VR technology, an explosion of long-distance love affairs between people who have never met—and perhaps will never meet in person—will occur. Thanks to VR tech, a man in London and a woman in Melbourne will be able to go on dates and build emotional intimacy from the comfort of their own sofas. If it goes well, they may finally decide to meet face to face, or break up without ever meeting IRL.

My best friend is a robot

Ultra-longevity is likely, at least at first, to be a prize that only the rich can afford. Those elite few are likely to find themselves lonely and fearful of forming intimate relationships and close friendships with those who cannot fund life-extending technologies and treatments—because they will continue to grow old and die much faster,” writes Unlimited. Thus, the only friends guaranteed to stay the course will be increasingly intuitive and intelligent AI robots that will become an intrinsic element of people’s lives. These robot friends with personalities will know us better than anyone else in our lives and will share every one of our memories from birth to death.

To read more about love, longevity, and how humans can make forever friends, go to Unlimited.

Photo: Paul Gilmore via Unsplash

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