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“At a time when the beauty world is moving faster than ever, led by trendy brands like e.l.f. and ColourPop, opting for the slow road is a bold choice,” writes Glossy. Yet Make Beauty— the makeup and skincare brand that has caught the attention of the New York Times and Allure—is doing just that.

Make Beauty’s creative director, Ariana Mouyiaris, tells Glossy that the brand does not follow strict and fast-paced product-release calendars to satisfy consumers’ desire for newness, but rather rolls with each product as it’s developed. The company is not afraid to push back a launch to make necessary changes—Make Beauty makes the time to create things they believe in. Formulation and timelessness are at the forefront of product development.

Below are two key aspects Glossy shares about Make’s unconventional business strategy:

  • Slower beauty
    • Initially, Make Beauty’s founders did not take a laissez-faire approach to product development—they were determined to launch 14 new products per season. And while this urgency resulted in a 250-item collection, they realized the storytelling component was missing. Thus, “[t]he brand has since whittled its inventory down to 100 products, and now releases more single hits,” which not only saves money, but allows them to go deeper on social media and tell each product’s distinct story.
  • An artful approach
    • Emphasis on creative self-expression over blatant consumerism is a crucial part of Make Beauty’s DNA. When the brand first launched, it regularly collaborated with creatives like furniture designer Faye Toogood, and photographers Erik Madigan Heck and Vassilis Karidis. “Partners are tasked with coming up with a concept, which Make then helps them translate into various product collections, comprised of products like eyeshadow and primer,” writes Glossy. To keep up with the digital age, the brand also commissions influencers, but with an artistic twist. For example, Make worked with IG starlet Madelynn on a vegan lip and cheek tint in which she created a 16mm short film for the launch.

The axiom “slow and steady wins the race” is fitting for the company marching to the beat of their own beauty drum.

To read more about Make taking the slower, artsy approach to cosmetics, go to Glossy.

Photo: MAKEbeautyofficial via Facebook 

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