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The beauty industry has always been a bit of smoke and mirrors, promising hope in a jar to support consumers’ quest for their idea of perfection, but times have changed. Beauty businesses are no longer in control of their brands—consumers are in the driver’s seat. Social media shifted this paradigm forever.

Last year beauty got pretty real with a few recurring themes: racial insensitivity, transparency issues, copycatting, fake reviews, and founders making questionable, highly controversial, and very public decisions. Beauty is moving at breakneck speed, competition is stiff, and the new callout culture in beauty should have brands and founders on their toes.

I am all for transparency, and I love the passion of consumers that drive them to want to know everything about their favorite brands. However, the loss of civility that has brand owners attacking each other on social media undermining competitors with negative reviews, and the rampant copycatting, is disconcerting. Let’s keep it clean in 2019 and play fair.

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Photo: Ahmet Sali via Unsplash

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