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CES has become a must-attend event for the beauty industry. Big brands and start-ups use it as a platform to show off their latest innovations, and retailers, investors, and strategics as a means to scout for the next breakthrough in beauty tech.

Future X Smart Store by SK-II first launched in Tokyo in May 2018, followed by Shanghai and Singapore. The concept: a seamless “phygital” retail environment where visitors can explore immersive, personalized mixed-media experiences that merge the physical and digital to learn about their skin in a way never possible before. It includes the latest technologies that include state-of-the-art facial recognition, computer vision, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology augmented by SK-II’s proprietary Skin Science and Diagnostics innovation.

Opté Precision Skincare System is one of the first launches from P&G Ventures, the start-up studio within Procter & Gamble. After years of development and over 40 patents, Opté is a single device featuring camera optics, proprietary algorithms, and printing technology to scan the complexion and detect hyperpigmentation. It can even be used to apply exact quantities of corrective serum to the face.

Coty has developed an augmented-reality mirror for its Wella Professionals salons, allowing customers to try on a range of hair colors. It also features facial-recognition technology enabling the retrieval of clients’ past looks and services.

Simplehuman reinvented the trash can and now has their eye on capturing a piece of the beauty industry. They reveled the latest iterations of The Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist with Google Assistant. Both models work with the Simplehuman app, which unlocks additional features for setting alarms as well as increased control over sound, lighting and sensor activity.

Ioniq One Sprayer and app transforms skincare products into droplets that evenly spread onto the body. The liquid is automatically attracted to the skin using field lines between the device and skin, creating an attraction so strong that droplets can be sprayed evenly and skincare products can be applied onto the whole body without the need to rub it in.

Olay FaceNavi Smart Wand provides a targeted electromagnetic treatment that works with an accompanying app to personalize and optimize skincare products. The app syncs with the wand to push a product into the skin and target certain problems.

Olay’s new Skin Advisor platform uses artificial intelligence to offer users personal skincare consultations and advice. Olay is unveiling three new features added to the US version of the Olay Skin Advisor.

Olay Labs Moments builds off of Skin Advisor and is designed to monitor and sense the user’s daily circumstances and react in real time, offering specific skincare solutions.

Olay’s Skin Decoder is a cone-shaped device that attaches to a mobile phone that selectively controls lighting conditions and enables a high-resolution image of the skin for a more detailed skin diagnosis, which gives users the ability to track results over time. This is set to debut in China in February 2019 (where Olay is sold at department store counters).

Neutrogena MaskiD is a patent-pending, 3D-printed sheet mask powered by user data that delivers clinical efficacy. The user snaps a selfie to create a precise, multidimensional map of the face, the Neutrogena Skin 360 app creates the virtual equivalent of a knowledgeable dermatologist and analyzes the skin’s needs, and a proprietary 3D printing process creates a customized mask.

Oral-B Genius X is an intelligent toothbrush system that combines Position Detection Technology with Triple Pressure Control, and its Professional Timer offer personalized feedback on brushing techniques.

GilletteLabs Heated Razor includes a warming bar that heats up in under a second and keeps the cartridge warm, creating a more comfortable shaving experience.

P&G is rolling out a new room-freshening device called Airia. The smart home fragrance system uses ink-jet technology and can be managed with a smartphone app.

La Roche-Posay My Skin Track UV is the first battery-free wearable electronic skin protection device to measure UV exposure, launched through the L’Oréal technology incubator program.

La Roche-Posay My Skin Track pH was created by L’Oréal in partnership with Epicore Biosystems. This is a wearable sensor that measures skin pH levels via an app, and is as well the first-ever wearable microfluidic sensor to measure skin pH levels.

Photo: via SK-II

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