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Let’s face it—change can be hard, but in the case of digital transformation, if businesses don’t evolve, they run the risk of being left behind. Real digital transformation requires a business strategy, not a digital strategy, to be effective.

David Woodhead, an award-winning consulting director in digital strategy with Sopra Steria, said to Raconteur, “Almost without exception, the best customer or citizen experience is also the most operationally efficient for the enterprise, so all interests are aligned and there is an overwhelming imperative for fresh thinking.”

Dr. Gianvito Lanzolla, professor of strategic leadership at Cass Business School, provides three steps for business leaders that are stuck when it comes to digital transformation:

  1. Set up the equivalent of a digital garage to innovate digital ideas
  2. Implement an agile approach with agile teams to experiment within the organization
  3. Employ a top-down approach where leadership makes the business decisions that permeate the organization

Top three challenges:

  • Low digital literacy or expertise among employees and leadership
  • Digital transformation viewed as a cost center
  • Company culture

Professor Lanzolla adds: “The bottom line is that digital transformation is very painful. Digital technologies are so pervasive that it is no longer a question of whether companies should use them. Companies must have a digital strategy for everything they do because it transforms customer engagement, employee engagement and optimization of operations. If you don’t do it, you are not in the game.”

Read the full post on Raconteur.

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