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Today, 90% of companies employ content marketing as a part of their business model. In fact, per dollar spent, the strategy generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing efforts. However, there are many misconceptions about how to successfully utilize content marketing. After studying 34 million interactions between customers and content, Harvard Business Review has put together some tips on content marketing. Read below:

You have 3 minutes to make an impression

According to Harvard Business Review’s research, “the average viewing time for content is 2 minutes and 27 seconds.” During this short period, prospective customers make a judgment based on your content and decide whether to continue to the next step.

Mobile is overrated

While mobile content is still relevant, “once a lead is handed off to sales and becomes an opportunity, an overwhelming majority of prospects view sales content on desktop devices, not mobile.”

There is no “best day” to send content

Though there have been claims that certain days of the week bode better than others, data indicates “that total visits by prospects to sellers’ sites were almost evenly distributed across each day of the work week—slightly more on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and, unsurprisingly, a bit less on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.”

Case-study content is favored

Case-study routinely outperforms other forms of content. “Buyers, especially B2B buyers, want to know what others are doing with your product, not what they might do to improve productivity or other outcomes. Good case-study content does that, while providing a compelling reason for the prospect to learn more and initiate a change process.”

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