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Adults in the US spend half the day, per day, consuming content—12 hours and 7 minutes to be exact—and it’s having a negative impact on health and happiness. As wellness becomes mainstream, mindfulness and meditation apps are booming, but Moodrise is a little different than the current mediation apps Calm and Headspace that are leading the pack.

Moodrise is built on the premise that visual or auditory stimuli can improve human behavior and well-being. The app combines  proven science with the power of visual storytelling to enhance your mood, focusing on the six most popular mood states and the related neurotransmitters that lead to that mood state. Happiness (serotonin), Confidence (dopamine), Connection (oxytocin), Energy (endorphins), Calm (GABA), and Focus (acetylcholine). Moodrise delivers curated images, video, and audio to positively (and specifically) impact brain chemistry, and progressively elevate your mood.

“I wanted to help people improve emotional resilience,” Michael Phillips Moskowitz (previously Chief Global Curator at eBay) said to Artsy. “I wanted to improve outcomes around behavioral health and basically improve people’s experience on planet Earth.”

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