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Native was founded in 2015 with a direct-to-consumer sales model created to reimagine the personal care category from the ground up, beginning with deodorant. Acquired by Procter & Gamble in November of 2017 for a reported $100 million, the brand is expanding rapidly in brick-and-mortar.

With a successful offline launch with Target in 2018, Native is expanding into more than 4,200 Walmart stores with their classic deodorant scents and an exclusive at retail—their Powder & Cotton scent. Expanding the retail footprint is in line with the brand’s intention  to make their products available wherever their consumers shop.

“We’ve had an overwhelming demand from consumers to be able to purchase our products in retail stores,” Native CEO Moiz Ali said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to continue making better-for-you personal care products accessible to all through our latest brick & mortar partnership with Walmart.”

Innovation continues at Native with the expansion of effective personal care products with simple ingredients in other categories.

New launches at Target include bar soap, body wash, and men’s deodorant. The brand hasn’t lost its DTC roots—new innovation in toothpaste and teen deodorant, and the ability customize your deodorant are available on the brand’s website.

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