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Avon has had a rough go of it, but they’ve got a plan to become a high-touch, high-tech business capable of going head to head with beauty disrupters. Since 1886, Avon has been giving women the ability to have financial independence by pioneering the direct selling model. Today, the brand has five million women in 50 markets with 90% name recognition and awareness globally, but heritage and scale are no longer enough in today’s competitive beauty landscape. But, Avon has a plan, and recruited James Thompson as chief brand and beauty officer in November 2018 to lead the brand’s global turnaround.

  • Avon has cut their product-to-market timeline from 24 months to 3 months by opening up the business to new supply routes and third-party collaborations.
  • Avon is focusing on a stronger design aesthetic to packaging, developing a clearer idea and brand architecture of what the brand stands for today.
  • Modernization of communication to consumers and their network of representatives by teaming up with MediaMonks to create a new content studio to develop and distribute high quality of content at scale.
  • The creation of an always-on content hub to support their 50 markets with multi-language and multi-platform content.
  • They are putting power in the hands of the representatives by creating a framework, tone, look, and feel for the brand, while giving representatives the ability to hyper-localize content to fit the nuances of their specific market.
  • Through a partnership with Fuse Universal, Avon will create a next-generation global training platform.
  • Ramping up and focusing on the brand website.

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Photo: Darren Nunis via Unsplash

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