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Thrive Causemetics, the LA-based vegan makeup brand, walks the walk with a $25 million donation of product to women in need, in celebration of their fourth anniversary.

CEO Karissa Bodnar founded the brand in her Seattle apartment in 2015, and giving has been at the heart of Thrive’s work from day one. Since the first set of lashes sold, the business has been giving back through its “Beauty with a Purpose” program, which donates a product for every product sold. This is the brands largest donation to date an will benefit over 50 non-profit organizations that empower women who are fighting cancer, surviving domestic abuse or emerging from homelessness.

“Everyone who purchases a product becomes part of our mission to give back—and after four years of building a compassionate community, we’ve created a movement to empower women through beauty,” Bodnar said in a statement. “We are proud to partner with incredible organizations across the country to bring the power of beauty to every woman, no matter what challenges they face.”

Photo: via Thrive Causemetics

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