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Flynn Matthews, Head of Insight and Measurement, Consumer Packaged Goods at Google, spoke at the CEW’s recent “State of the Beauty Industry Report 2018-2019″ event sharing trends and insights from search. The search trend that surfaced last year was increased fragmentation in the category due to ingredient micro-trends. Search trends also indicate that consumers care about chemical ingredients as much as natural ingredients.

Search for chemical ingredients are driven by efficacy and safety concerns:

  • Top chemical efficacy searches
    • Vitamin – vitamin C/E and vitamin serum
    • Botox – before & afters, cost
    • Retinol – before & afters, formats
    • Zinc – acne, Niacinimide
  • Top chemical safety searches
    • Sulfate – sulfate-free shampoo
    • Aluminum – best non-aluminum deodorant
    • Paraben Free –  shampoo, body wash
    • Silicone Free – shampoo, primer, makeup
    • Alcohol – alcohol free
  • Chemical ingredient searches to watch in 2019
    • United States – gluten, oxybenzone
    • France – sulfur, endocrinien
    • India – keratin, talc
    • Japan – hirudoid, oronine

Search for natural ingredients are segmented by form and function: 

  • Experiential ingredient searches
    • Peppermint and Frankincense – bathing, sleep, and stress relief
    • CBD – stress, pain relief, and mood enhancement
    • Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) – mindfulness and stress release
  • Functional ingredient searches
    • Castor Oil – hair growth, especially eyebrows and eye lashes
    • Aloe – hair and skin, especially acne and skin health
    • Tea Tree Oil – hair and scalp health, acne
  • Natural ingredient searches to watch in 2019
    • United States – witch hazel and rice water
    • France – essential oils and tamanu
    • India – onion seed and tulsi
    • Japan – hatomugi and CBD

Photo: Eric Binek via Unsplash

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