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Sephora ups the bar in the speciality retail loyalty game with the announcement of a branded credit card to launch this spring. “The launch of the Sephora Credit Card exemplifies Sephora’s loyalty philosophy in every sense; it considers all the most-loved aspects of Sephora—the amazing product, services, experiences and personalization—taking our client experience to the next level through special access, rewards, and perks,” Andrea Zaretsky, Sephora’s Senior Vice President of CRM and Loyalty, wrote in a press release.
  • The card is set to roll out in select markets and then will be available in US stores and on
  • There are three different card options, including the Sephora Credit Card, Sephora Visa Credit Card, and Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card.
  • Customers who apply for a Sephora card but are not yet Beauty Insiders will automatically be enrolled.
  • Card holders will earn rewards as they swipe on top of Beauty Insider perks.
  • Sephora hasn’t yet released information on interest rates or card limits, yet those who apply for a card who are not yet loyalty members will be automatically enrolled in it.
Photo: Ales Nesetril via Unsplash
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