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With telemedicine companies like Hims reaching unicorn status and investors flocking to the category, Skin Laundry is throwing their hat into the mix. We’ve seen the blurring of wellness and beauty; now we’re beginning to see the blurring of beauty and medicine.

Founded in 2013, Skin Laundry has built their brand offering of skincare and facial laser treatments at affordable prices in 22 locations. The next phase of growth will incorporate more locations, an expansion of their branded skincare line, and a move into customized skincare prescriptions.

“Our goal is to provide affordable prescription skin-care medications formulated and customized by our team of medical professionals to match each individual’s unique concerns and sensitivities,” Elyse Shelger, who is a registered nurse and Skin Laundry’s director of medical operations, told Fashionista. “Just as we made the concept of laser facials more accessible, we aim to do the same with prescription-grade skin care. Eliminate the barriers, simplify the process, keep the precision, power and add customization.”

Skin Laundry has built a loyal customer base, which they intend to leverage for the expansion into the dermatological telemedicine space with their SLRx service. The company began testing SLRx in late 2018 with its Los Angeles-based customers, in beta. The program will remain in beta for now as the business navigates scaling custom and automated formulations and obtains the necessary medical licenses nationwide. According to Fashionista, expansion will happen in New York, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado in Q1 2019, with plans to expand to 22 states by mid-year.

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