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The fact that the beauty industry has a plastic problem is no longer a secret. The questions now are what to do about it and how it will impact consumer behavior. Going naked is the foundation of some new indie beauty brands and part of the DNA of others, like Lush. However, the jury is out on whether going naked will become a mainstream solution to plastic.

In a survey of UK consumers conducted for Marketing Week by Toluna, here’s some insight:

  • 92.4% of consumers are “glad” brands offer naked products
  • 60.4% will only take the sustainable route if it’s just as easy to buy and the price is the same
  • 14.6% say they will purchase the naked version no matter the price and convenience
  • 8.6% will stick with the usual version they purchase
  • 37.2% of consumers aren’t even aware naked products exist
  • 50.2% would be more loyal to brands that offer naked products
  • 48% say naked products wouldn’t impact their loyalty to a brand
  • 1.8% even claim they’d be less loyal to brands offering these products.

Read the full story on the plastic debate in Marketing Week.

Photo: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

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