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We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere, so in that vein we’ve decided to share some of the interesting people, places, and things that interested us this month.

  1. The Owl Bureau, the Los Angeles eccentric shrine to print launched by Richard Christiansen, the founder of Chandelier Creative. His goal? To add richness and depth to the “fast food” that fills much of our day, he said, adding in a romantic tone, “I feel as though these books represent an amazing visual 10-course meal and a diet of incredible culture.”
  2. See You Next Thursday (SYNT) is an Instagram account turned art auction each Thursday. “It’s the number-one social-media platform everyone is using—dealers, artists, curators,” Calli Moore, the artist and independent curator who founded SYNT in 2018, told Artsy. “We’re all using this platform to share and connect in the art world, so it made perfect sense to also use it to sell work.”
  3. Hacking Finance—what finance looks like through the lens of cool. Design heavyweights Mark Pernice and Elana Schlenker are stirring up both the financial tech industry and indie magazines with this launch. 
  4. Color: A Visual History from Newton to Modern Color Matching Guides by art historian Alexandra Loske suggests that if you want to understand society, look at the way it talks about color.
  5. Under, Europe’s first underwater restaurant designed by snøhetta, will function as a unique dining experience; it will also encourage important marine research. The reservation list is already at 7,000.
Photo: via Hacking Finance 
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