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Givaudan released its 2018 Sustainability Progress Review highlighting advances made during the first full year of “A Sense of Tomorrow.” The steady progress shown confirms that this new approach to sustainability underpins the company’s ability to meet ambitious targets and respond to customers’ and society’s expectations while contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“I am delighted by the strong results of this first year,” CEO Gilles Andrier said in a statement. “They confirm that ‘A Sense of Tomorrow’ is a solid approach that also strengthens our 2020 strategy of ‘Responsible Growth. Shared Success.’ By delivering against our ambitious sustainability targets, we create added value for our customers, society, the environment and ultimately for the long-term sustainability of our business.”

Key performance highlights of the three focus areas of “A Sense of Tomorrow”:

Sourcing for Shared Value

  • 24 key raw material categories are now sourced in a responsible way.
  • 78% of the Givaudan’s main direct suppliers achieved site audit compliance.

Innovating Responsibly

  • Givaudan’s Flavor Division is at the forefront in creating the future of protein.
  • From new scientific methodologies to sustainable beauty compounds, Givaudan Fragrance Division demonstrates diversity in responsible innovation.

Acting for Our Environment

  • Strong climate action has led to a 13.9% decrease in absolute terms of Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 69.4% of Givaudan’s electricity now comes from renewable sources.
  • The company reduced water use by 24.4% and carried out a first water footprint assessment that includes their value chain.
  • CDP A- leadership level for GHG emission reduction and water stewardship.
  • Position on the CDP’s Supplier Engagement Leader Board.

Photo: Chris Barbalis via Unsplash 

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