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Retail Dive shares insights, advice, and goals from top retail executives from the the 2019 National Retail Federation Big Show.

Marvin Ellison, CEO of Lowe’s, “It starts with retail fundamentals first. As the old saying goes: you can’t put the icing before the cake.”

Rachel Shechtman, brand experience officer at Macy’s, “What works in one 2,000-square-foot store is different than what’s going to work at scale.”

Hubert Joly, CEO and Chairman of Best Buy, “As a leader, irrespective of where you are at the company, you have to be aware of the seduction of power, fame, glory or money. If you’re mainly driven by any one of these four, bad things happen.”

J. Michael Evans, group president of Alibaba, “We’re not building moats, we’re building bridges. And our bridges are between our online business and the offline market in China. … We believe the future of retail is all retail, online and offline.”

Chip Bergh, CEO of Levi Strauss, “Unfortunately, what had happened was we lost relevance with the young consumers. … Levi’s wasn’t even in their consideration.”

Rose Marcario, CEO of Patagonia, “We’ve done a lot on building those supply chains and I think we all have to come to the reality that we are not going to have virgin supply chains forever because we are running out of resources.”

Tina Sharkey, CEO and co-founder of Brandless, “Direct-to-consumer isn’t a channel, it’s a relationship.”

Tim Brown, co-CEO and co-founder of Allbirds, “I was craving not being a billboard.”

Christiane Pendarvis, Senior Vice President of e-commerce at FullBeauty Brands, “When you look at the number of female entrepreneurs that get funding—a fraction of what they should be. When you look at the number of female-led organizations that are able to raise capital—a fraction of what it should be. … If you don’t have access to capital you can have a great idea—it will never see the light of day.”

Aaron Sanandres, CEO and co-founder of Untuckit, “Retail continues to be an extremely important outlet for us as a company. I think most brands are coming to that conclusion, even brands that have said: ‘Offline never, we’re only online forever.’ I think it’s somewhat short-sighted to believe that.”

Kathy Doyle Thomas, Chief Strategy Officer of Half Price Books, “A lot of the pureplays, the online businesses, they do things really well and they think outside the box all the time. We as old traditional retailers have to keep pushing that envelope to be better, be smarter, add better value for the customer. Everyone keeps saying the same thing—it’s the experience, it’s what’s going to make someone get out of the house and go.”

Carolyn Tastad, Group President of North America and Executive Sponsor of Gender Equality at Procter & Gamble, “We have to stop imposing one size fits all leadership stereotypes on women and on men. We need to shift our focus from fixing women to fixing the systems and behaviors that perpetuate bias in the workplace.”

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